equality is full time issue

this is too long article for instagram but people keep asking me who is him. so, i wrote this. you can scroll threw if don’t give a shit about Human Right here.

well,,, when i was 19, i met him that was the first time. my activist friend introduce to him caz he’s dad and mam were so tierd of looking after him.
and first thing he told me was “we disabilities are like TV talent idols or Presidents” he ment he has to entertain and feed the abilities like us… but only i get was 120yes (1$) a hour lol. so that was total volunteer for me and i got little bit upset told him “ok, i call you Shachou(President)” since then, Shachou became his nick name lol!

a year later. his brother got be paralized whole body by the heavy car accident. then Shachou had to make a choice between linving in his local city and going to the disability’s camp. his family wanted him to go to one of the cheepest nursing home. the facilities for the handicapped?

but that sort of camp home’s condition at that time was totally madness. all disable women had to take an operation to take their Uterus or womb. they had to spent time at there almost naked to make care workers easier. its like Auschwitz. abuse, rape, some died secratly and some are owned by OB of cops.. fuckin Nighmare.

then we had a big meeting with NPOs and his family and us as underground helpers. even these mass media came to report. at there Shachou said “i want to live by myself!! i don’t want to be in a jail(thats what he called about those facilities for the handicapped) until Idie!!” that hit my heart really strong.

but but.. people told him its not possible because his handicapp is really really heavy. he can’t walk, can’t move any part of his body except his eyebrow, can’t even talk.
only some knew he has his own will like us. Cerebral Palsy wasn’t very common in this society until late 90’s.

after tha meeting, i decided to live with him.
then our struggle started. at that time, there is not proper law for disabilities. we did as much as we can. tiny Demos, sit in, any kinda protestations we can do. also he had not enogh helpers so i asked punks here to support him to build some kind of new collective for him.
and we won some of those and lost in some point, but we could get enough money and social support.

25years and 10months has been passed since then… now, we are very happy to sort all em out.
some times we argue, some times we pissing eachother off. but me and Shachou are some thing more than families or friends or whatever we have strong relation ship. we are proud of ourselves we are togethr until me or him die.. someday..

thanx for reading
love for all!!!